Whether it’s by building things, changing things, or securing things, I love to see things “in motion”. 

Like a pocket watch, when the cogs move together to the common goal to progress the time on the watch face.


What do I work on professionally?

I’ve worked on various things before that touch on IT in one way or another. Just a quick grab from topics I covered:

  • Built automation on top of Chubb’s alarm system to extend the alarm service. Eg. alert the in-house responders, enable camera’s in key locations, and document response times.
  • Build and extend IT monitoring systems to perform customized analytics and remediation on in-house systems.
  • Fully automate and document patch management for the company.
  • Reduce attack surface of the IT landscape of the company by remediating gaps in both on-premises and cloud estate.
  • Improve security baseline, visibility, and documentation to Incident Responses.
  • Fully align domainname landscapes and implement recommendations to protect against brand risks.
  • Train IT professionals on various topics to upskill the support team.

What do I work on privately?

I mess around with things that catch my attention and where I can improve the world a bit.

  • I do volunteer work for the elderly, helping them with their problems and questions in the digital world.
  • I automated checking the time results of the athletics club. (I do apologize for hitting your website! Just give me the API call to make both our lives easier)
  • I manage the website for the athletics club.
  • I sometimes play around with Raspberry Pi’s, automating things in my daily life.
  • I play around in various coding/scripting languages to see how it works and how it can help improve my work life.

Is this supposed to be a resume?

No, but I wanted to fill this page with something before starting to post projects I am working on. For a lot of things, I do have an NDA, so they don’t really lend themselves for publishing. If you’re looking for my resume, just jump over to my Linkedin.

What are you willing to share right now?

Because of Microsoft’s AI Challenge (free cert), 30 days to learn IT (50% off cert), and Azure and Security Cloud Week for partners, I’m ramping up for a few of those certifications. Just a grab of certifications I am working towards in the upcoming month.
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