All the way back in January 2012, I decided I was not doing enough for my mental and physical health. As a result, I put on a pair of shoes and went for a run.

And then another one. And another. I have kept running ever since and have found great people, better mental health, and better physical health as a result. I now run in an athletics team, manage their website, keep track of everyone’s results and try to share my enthousiasm wherever I can.

While I don’t want to provide my running times or where I’m running, I do want to showcase the 3 types of runs I love and why.

On the road

Whether I’m pacing someone, just going for a fun run or have a goal in mind, I know that “you never walk alone”. I’ve run well over 150 races to date after starting in 2012 as a way to get my health in check and to get in touch with people.


Does that track feel like you’ve gone around it so often that you know every grain there? I feel better when out in nature.

When I heard about trailrunning, I was instantly sold and love seeing all sorts of things you wouldn’t see on the road.

Obstacle running

If anyone can do it, it’s no fun. I signed up for the Strongmanrun and felt the “us against the obstaclerun” was a great feeling and kept raising the bar for difficulty. Since, I have competed in OCR qualifiers and enjoy them when I can.

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